1. I’m running for the school board because I saw a need for someone like myself on the board. I’ve attended a few meetings this past year, followed some of the key issues and saw a need to have a person with young children in the Paso Robles school district. I have a 2nd grader at Georgia Brown and another daughter who will be starting there next year. With some of the negative public relations in the community for the schools, I want to be part of a solution to get us back on track. I feel effective boards, commissions and committees have a diverse membership that bring important skills and tools to the group.

2. Regarding Dr. McNamara, I would like to see the survey from both Banning and Paso Robles to see how the questions was phrased. It is telling that she received votes of no confidence, but I’d also like to see why the votes were cast that way. Regarding what importance I place in those results, I’d say a fair amount of importance, along with seeing how effective she is at her job.

3. I have read the report. I found it interesting, but also feel that much more information could have been collected. To be honest, it tells a story we can learn from, but I also want to focus on moving forward with solutions and getting the district back on track financially and statistically.

4. The statement is probably true in most instances. If you’re looking for an always ‘Yes’ answer, that’s not the way life is. The classroom teacher is of utmost importance and their role is key the education and development of a student. Along with the teacher, other factors such as student’s home life, socioeconomic situation, classroom resources and the child’s health also play a role their education. The compensation of the teacher and their support staff are extremely important and should be considered foremost in a district’s budget.

5. I would like more time to research this question, but my first reaction to the question is Yes. I feel that with the proper amount of public outreach, we could get another General Obligation Bond passed. As we continue to lose state funding, these become more and more key for funds.

6. Again, I’d like more time to research these issues. My first reaction is that Yes, it’s probably more cost effective to negotiate these than see them go through grievance, etc. I need to do more homework on this issue.

7. Are you asking about the collective bargaining process in general or in relation to the PRPE? Collective bargaining is important and key in having workers/teachers have a seat at the table to negotiate for salary, benefits, workplace conditions, etc. The PRPE should have a key role as they negotiate important decisions for hundreds of workers. The trustees should certainly see where the negotiations have gone and help make sure all sides are making sense for the overall big picture for the district.

 Joel Peterson